Hello there.

A cultural mutt is how I like describing myself to people. Being half British, half Mexican has definitely shaped and formed who I am growing up. I like to say my inspirations and styles have been shaped by the colorful indigenous patterns of Mexican culture with the blend of the historic, traditional architecture of England.


My love for design started in high school when I was in a sculpture class. I wasn't always sure it was going to become a career for me but little did I know that, that passion I had in high school would come back to find me in my University studies. 


After transferring to Auburn, I decided to take a chance on myself as well as industrial design. While working the hardest I ever have in my life, I managed to make it into the program with the other 44 students I was going to spend the rest of my college career with. Since then, the way I look at life, art, and pretty much everything, have changed for the better.


I am now a proud Auburn University graduate with a Bachelor's Degree in Industrial Design and a Minor in Spanish. 


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