The main goal was to create this furniture piece out of sustainable and recyclable materials. It was also important to make the chair out of only two materials, to emphasize the simplicity of the piece.



My Mexican roots were the inspiration for this project. Mexican artisans have been using weaving as an art form for thousands of years. One of the best examples is the Acapulco chair, woven out of plastic strings. 

Weaving is a traditional practice in Mexico and is used in a variety of different products and designs. I ultimately created a piece that was close to my heart, as well as functional and practical. 



Once figuring out if the chair could be sat in and the weight was distributed well, I continued to make the final model. 



PARACORD // Finished with an emerald green, 5/32” thick paracord

BUILD // Use of mortise joints and tendons for piecingtogether the chair